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After supporting the music of Whitenake over the last 20 years it was finally time to get out there and create Quitesnake the Whitesnake tribute band. After a great start, the band continues to amaze a critical audience.

Quitesnake pay great attention to detail when it comes to playing the latest Whitesnake set from 2008. Songs like "Bad Boys" and "Still of the Night" being not only great live songs, but also technically challenging to Quitesnakes high level of musicianship.

Formed in 2007 by Lars Nippa Quitesnakes drummer, the band has continued to grow stronger year after year.

David Readman. vocals (Pink Cream 69, ex Adagio, Go Music, Voodoo Circle)
Frank Olbrich. guitar (Ex-Seven Wishes, The Great Rock Block)
Patrick Haschka. guitar/backing vocals (David Readman Band)
Stephan Bürk. bass/backing vocals (Ex-Pump)
Armin Herzog. keyboards/backing vocals
(Ex-Kon Chauvi, "Eighty-X", "Lef Deppard" und "Ball & Chain")
Lars Nippa. drums/backing vocals (Ex-Chryztyne, ZAR)

What the band says:

David Readman:

What made you decide to join a project like this?

Well I virtually grew up with Whitesnake, I remember seeing the album Saints and Sinners, in our local Woolworth's. Which has now gone due to the financial problems in the world today.

In 1987 I was 17 and I was just discovering the 87 album, basically I locked myself away about half a year and worked on my voice. Lars asked me last year if I was interested, yes I was indeed I jammed with the guys and realized this was a great bunch of musicians.

All wanting the same goal, I just had to be a part of it!

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